Friday, April 7, 2017

Happy 10th Rezday, Kahvy!

Mr. Kahvy Smith, nee Sands, is my oldest existing friend in SecondLife.
Kahvy (left) with his husband Garrett
Although I had the honor of sharing my decade-rezday bash with him on March 18th, today is his actual 10th rezday!

Happy rezday, my very-very old friend, and I hope to be with you still when they pull the plugs to SecondLife in San Francisco.

I am going to include a message I sent to him on his 34th birthday (June 9, 2015), when he had complained to me that he then only "had another year left of being a young man".
"Kahvy, my dear friend,
Age is but a number, but always remember that ageing is mandatory but growing old is optional. You need not worry about being 35 in less than a year, because you actually have six more years until you are "old" as the official age of becoming old in the straight culture is 40.
However, on the other hand in the gay culture, you have already been old since you turned 30 as that is the official age for turning old among us gays. Enjoy the rest of your life as an old queer and get the f-u-c-k over it!
Many happy birthday wishes, my dear old friend!"


  1. Why do I suddenly feel old? ;) Ty handsome :) and likewise! ♥ love you!

  2. Whahahahahaha, you make my day with this message.


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