Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Computer Crashes, World Isolated

The title of this post is a travesty of a famous British newspaper headline that read, "Fog in Channel; Continent Isolated".

Well, around this time yesterday I started having strange things happening with my darn computer, which lead me to decide it was a good idea to do a system recovery. The much honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, and myself have since then been toiling tirelessly to break your isolation.

Do any of you realize how many updates your computer receives during a year, if you include all the different programs you have been using, or how many reboots it takes to get things back in order again? I am sorry to say I did not count, but my best estimate is that their have been about 550 000 or more updates and you need at least 25 500 reboots.

So now your isolation is broken and I am guessing you guys didn't even notice you were isolated. The world is cruel!

If anyone knows how I use the security copies I took of my bookmarks and what I must do to get them back in my browser I would be most grateful, neither the laird or I are technically savvy. To our relief I was however able to recover my treasured photo-collection.

And ohhhhhhh my mail and contacts are also lost, hopefully my little sister Millimina will again be able to help me with the mailing address to Ars sister Debbie, if I cannot find it in the System Recovery Files mess.


  1. Dont know what browser you have, but here is the link who it´s done in Firefox and other Mozilla browsers
    Hope it´s helpful, loosing bookmarks is a nightmare.

  2. Yes I know I spell like hell sometimes :) 

  3. Thanks Vanadis, I use Google Chrome but I will try your link anyway! ;)

    I saw no serious faults in your spelling, dear, I understood completely.

  4. Google Chrome it is
    -"who" instead of "how". A girl isn´t alowed to do that kind of misstakes. ( Iknow; allowed and mistakes - only joking) :)

  5. Nope, didn't work for me - the strange thing is I made sure to make a system recovery of bookmarks, email and contacts - and now I cannot find the shite.

  6. You cant have used Chrome so long time, maybee you can recower at least some bookmarks from your old browser.


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