Thursday, October 27, 2011

SecondLife Celebrity Spills All

The man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Eddi Haskell agreed to a heart-to-heart with Avacar Bluestar from Gay-Worlds News. Read the interesting result here: Exclusive Interview: Eddi Haskell - Agent Provocateur.

You may not always agree with Eddi but his opinions are always interesting and honest. I am happy to call this man my friend.


  1. Wow thanks Bock! I don't know if I'm a celebrity LOL. And I did give you a mention for your great clean re install article which was written clearly and easy to follow. It is mutual -- its great to call you a friend too.

    Nothing wrong with disagreeing, in fact that is how people learn and conflicts resolved -- it all comes down to having some respect for the person you disagree with I think.

  2. Exactly Eddi, respect is essential in all disputes. ;)

    ...and if you aren't a SecondLife celebrity neither are Zlatan Ibrahimović, Wayne Gretzky or Beyoncé Knowles celebrities, so hush now!


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