Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Shut Down By Bullying

Yesterday we were reached by the sad news that PetGirl Bergman, a.k.a Tina Dahl, has decided to shut down her blog "Tinas universum" ("Tina´s Universe").

"Tina´s Universe" has been the largest Swedish SecondLife blog almost since it´s start. It has been a mighty source of information and education on all things to do with SecondLife for all Swedish noobs in-world since it´s start.

As one of the oldest Swedish avatars in SecondLife PetGirl has acted as an ambassador between the Swedish community in SecondLife and Linden Lab. She has been able to help many Swedish avatars through the red-tape at the Lab. Tina has also worked hard on establishing excellent contacts with the Swedish Institute and has  acted as a well known and highly respected ambassador to the Swedish authorities and the real life world.

Tina Dahl has always maintained a high profile in the Swedish community though her blog. through the in-world group "Swedish People in Second Life" (which she created) and through her strong and charismatic personality. Tina was without a doubt the inspiring, organizing and driving force behind many of the large events and activities that have occurred in the in-world Swedish community.

Her unrivaled position as the unofficial leader evoked much envy among smaller souls who would have preferred to have that position themselves.

During the last three years Tina has been under unrelenting pressure by a handful of Scandinavian avatars and their hangarounds who have focused an unrelenting and hateful campaign against her, on their blogs, in comments on other blogs and in-world.

It is - in my mind - not strange at all that Tina finally succumbed to this pressure and lost her inspiration to continue blogging, many of us would not have lasted as long.

I will maintain my hopes that this shut down is only temporary and therefore refuse to take leave of "Tina´s Universe" but instead will hope to wish her welcome back when she has found her strength and inspiration again. 


  1. Im sorry to push you away from the big fluffy cloud you are sitting on, but i didnt expect you to be narrowsighted.
    Luckily you dont know anything at all about all those nasty words that have been written by Tina. Many of your friends and other in swedish part of SL has been accused for several things. I have all the IMs and mail saved from those occasions, but it's not legal to show them, unfortunately...
    Try to see things from the other angle too.
    Ppl have felt bullied by Tina and she is not at all free from guilt.
    Look at her last post for example...she finally posted my correct comment, and she announced it as threatening and nasty. It was a sugggestion from my side. But if she treat ppl nasty, she cant just expect kind and happy responses to that.So please wake up, Bock and instead see all the shit she is responsible for.

  2. Sadly this and the bickering that is behind it since a lon time is so close to make me want to just abandon my land in SL and erase, totally cut the ties, my account in Second Life.....

    This is one of those rare occasions I am ashamed of being a Swede in Second Life.

    Before Gitt snaps at me I just want to say that I know that nobody is without guilt. Nonetheless I am utterly sad that "PG" has taken the rather drastic decision to close the blog for what seems for good.

    It is so darned tragic that there is so much foul stuff hidden under the glittering facade of the Swedish community in Second Life.

    I am at the moment glad I am not a regular at that many Swedish events, and seeing what has happen recently I am not very keen on being around any of the involved people in all this, even if some is what I would call friends to me.

    So please, "effing" please, just quit the senseless bitching and practice some good old peace, love and understanding.....

  3. Thank you for your comment, Gittrika. I have only one thing to add to my post after reading it.

    Yes, I have seen the claims made by you and the other bullies that Tina has in turn been bullying some of you.

    In fact I have seen those claims made repeatedly by you and your fellow bullies but never ever has there been a single piece of evidence presented to support your claims. It´s all been innuendo and insinuations and snide remarks in group chat or comments.

  4. I am so disappointed in all your swedish people. Since long I lead you all to a land of peace and love with my lovely personality in the center of it but one second I turn my back and you kill eachother. Tina, darling, come in my arms and have a good cry and tell me who I have to beat up!


  6. Thanks for that link, SaveMe, you made my day! ;)


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