Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Bock, You Are Such A Lens Bug"

As I reported yesterday, I left the Imagine peacefest at Solace Island on Sunday rather hastily.

This was because I received a call from my buddy Eddi Haskell, major SLebrity, blogger, fashionista, photographer, machinimista etc. etc., to come to the shooting of his appearance on The DJ Insyx Show. This show is a weekly show produced by the great people over at Gay-World News.

When I informed my sister Millimina Salamander that I was leaving and the reason for it she said, "Bock, you are such a lens bug!" (A "lens bug" (linslus) is a Swedish colloquial phrase referring to someone who very much likes to be photographed.)

The laird in a beautiful Pashmina shawl and a girly sit on the far left.
Fabrice Snook from Gay World News overseeing the taping and looking hot
Although I told her I was just going to be a part of the audience at the taping and would most likely not appear on camera, she just laughed me off. My sister is loving but sometimes I want to wring her neck!

The reason I went so fast to the taping was of course that I assumed he would tell the story about what happened to him in real life at the Hotel Mark Twain in San Francisco along with a hot blond. But no such luck this time. instead he went on and on about other interesting topics concerning his Secondlife experiences.

You can see the taped show on Eddi´s blog Eddi Haskell´s Second Life My Second Life Television Debut.... (Be careful with the sound level, start out low.)


  1. Bock, you are cracking me up too much. LOL.

    Yes, the night with the Sailor on shore duty and the tall blond at the Hotel Mark Twain in San Francisco was very hot. You are inspiring me to write a short story called "Eddi Does San Francisco" which I actually might write soon as a follow-up to "Eddi Does Stockholm" which I believe I told you about already :).

  2. Oooo it was a threesome? LOL

    Yup, you already told me the palace guard in Stockholm story. (I will only say "Eddi, give me..." so you know I remember it!)


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