Friday, November 18, 2011

Erotic Dream

After a hectic but good day at work I ventured out into the everyday Swedish reality to get antidepressants for myself and two medicines for my mother.

In the old days, when we still had a pharmaceutical monopoly in this country, buying medication used to be easy. Since the monopoly was abolished in 2009 (when the Swedish government cited the fact of Sweden being the only democracy along with the dictatorships Cuba and North Korea to retain its monopoly) it has - sometimes - become a laborious undertaking.

Where I earlier could get the information from the first pharmacy (if they were out of stock) which other pharmacy close by had the other two drugs in stock I now had to visit five different pharmacies on a hit-and-miss mission to obtain the other two.

After proudly delivering my loot to mother I got home at around 7 P.M and was struck by Friday coma, so I went to bed for a short refreshing nap. I woke up four (4) hours later laughing and in a state of sexual arousal because of a very amusing and exciting dream.

I will not go into details but it was a sort of erotic version of the movie "Groundhog Day" featuring myself in the lead with a working class hero - who shall remain unnamed - in many variations on the same theme. Each repetition ending with the same question, "Why do you call me "ass-licker" like it was a bad thing?".

I think - but am not certain - that the repeated question was due to the fact that I have been subconsciously thinking about how I should respond to a mail I received the other day from another SecondLife resident who a while ago, in an implicit way, called me and a friend ass-lickers on her blog.


  1. Let go and move on. A unanswered attack can be a better answer than many words. Then appears the attacker who is not worth taking note of.
    Have you checked the e-prescription options?

  2. Of course I always have an e-prescription, don´t we all these days?

    That just means that every pharmacy you go to can see your prescription so they can fill it if they have the medicine. It does not guarantee that the pharmacy you do go to has the drug in stock.

  3. The other matter was not important to me, only a thought I had to explain my dream.

  4. You should be a politician. :) If you're not is already. :)

  5. I do not understand what you mean by that last remark, Sjöfn. You asked a question and I answered it truthfully.

    No, I am not a politician yet and probably never will become one either, because I change my mind too often! I am too easily swayed by a good argument. ;)

  6. Although I have not felt down in a while (we do not get winter sunless depression in Florida and I am not rubbing it in), when I do I take St. Johns Wort for a few days. You have to get good quality stuff.

    This is important -- you cannot take BOTH St. Johns Wort and other medicine-- it is way too strong a serotonin booster.

    The Mayo Clinic in the United States, perhaps the most famous hospital, says that it is as effective as standard prescriptions with fewer side effects.

    But if medication works for you, you should keep that I would think.

  7. Thanks Eddi, I will perhaps try that in the future but for now I am sticking with the doctors orders! ;)

    Just to clarify, I am not medicating against winter depression but the depression I slipped into after Ars passed away.


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