Saturday, November 12, 2011

Events Today

The Imagine Peacefest continues with it´s second day.

Saturday November 12
7 – 8am: Direct Democracy Workshop, Four Bridges N

8 – 9am: Universe is a Green Dragon, Imagine nest, Four Bridges

9 – 10am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon
10 – 11am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon

11 – 12pm: Russell Eponym, Peace is a Choice
12 – 1pm: Blues Heron, Peace is a Choice

1pm Metaverse Art RL exhibition
1.10pm The MANAX story
1.30pm Emoticon
2pm SL TLC
2.45pm New VJazz Show

3 – 4pm: IMAGINE PeaceFest Interview with Sandra Bérard of Cambodia READA w/ Peace Train’s Steve Mahaley

5 –9pm: Key West 3 hours of music
Max Kleene 5pm
Avantgarde Frequency 6pm
Gina Stella 7pm
Allister Westland 8pm

9 – 10pm: Tour of RAWA Museum of Afghanistan
10 – 11pm: Mankind Tracer, Rock Garden stage, Four Bridges

For nostalgic reasons and to celebrate my friend Ewa Aska on her fifth rezday I will re-enter SecondLife today for the Bollywood party, although the news that a group I don´t particularly appreciate would be performing almost made me change my mind.

The party starts at 1 PM SLT.

SLurl to the Bollywood Dance Night

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