Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extreme Makeover

As a blogger I feel I must - at least sometimes - allow myself to be influenced by complaints from my readers.

Although I will always maintain that this is my blog and I bloody hell right what I want to as long as stay well within the scope of the blog providers rules, the Swedish law and normal human decency.

Today I received a complaint from another blogger that my blog header was way too blurry and she kindly offered me a sharper image. I rejected the proposal and decided to try a new look without reverting to black, so I landed on this transparent-grey-white beehive look.

As a blog header I chose a picture that SecondLife photographer Kent Hutchinson took. I am still in my "dead eyes" in the picture, but you will have to live with that. Hope you like it because I am sticking with it until December!


  1. I liked your old blog look Bock. This one is nice too but there was nothing wrong with the look that you had. Your masthead picture and design before was just fine.

    Do what YOU want to do please. If you did not know what you were doing, you would not have 13,000 hits last month.

  2. Awww thanks Eddi, but the complaint about the blurriness of my earlier blog header was correct.

    Even if I was using a high resolution picture somehow it ended up getting blurry when I fiddled about with it to make it fit.

  3. Both pics were damn fine on the eyes!

  4. Well Mr. Sweet-talker, you say that even when I look awful ;)

  5. I´m glad you didn´t fell for white text on black bottom. It impairs the readability of 50% and are both old fashioned and unprofessional.
    I read your blog last of them all to rest my eyes from all graphic noise I suffered through the last hour.

  6. Haha I think I can safely promise you, Vanadis, that i will never ever go "black-blog" on you.

    Just like you I find that white print on black strains my eyes, even if I must say I always think it looks great.


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