Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I Know I Have Been in SL Too Long When..."

Avacar Bluestar, editor in chief of Gay-Worlds News, posted a question on his Facebook page.

Help me find the funniest answers to this question. Fill in the blank. 
“I know I have been in SL too long when ______ “

Now he has blogged about it at GWNews "I´ve Been in SL for How Long Now?, go there to read the funny answers and add your own. (You must be logged in to post a comment.) Two of my personal favorites are

Danniel Destiny I go to bed and look for the blue and pink pose balls:

Liir Macarthur I look in my mirror and wish I could change my hair and clothes instantly.


My own response to this question is:
...I use the wheel on my mouse to zoom in on something or try alt+left arrow to look at something from the other side.


  1. I definitely know that there is too much SL when I think RL is my second life! In that situation I might start writing a list of evidence that proves that I spend too much time in RL if ...

  2. ...when you start counting prims on stuff in an rl store... which ive been known to do on several occations

  3. When u start to think that people wants to attack your own pretty bad ass and put it in a dungeon!

    Prosper and take care as you would say, Bock!


  4. Oh my Chaplin, what a pity that would be! ;)


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