Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Laird Inspects Installation Art

"No Name Yet" Installation art by Kandinsky Beaumont
The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, deigned to honor the Imagine peacefest at Solace Island with his presence on Sunday evening.

During his unusually lengthy visit the laird took the time to inspect a piece of installation art that had been partly sponsored by The Bock McMillan Art Foundation (a part of the BMcM Corporation). The installation was made by Kandinsky Beaumont, hostess of the event, and met with the highest approval of the laird.

The peacefest was a great success with entertainment by the singer and songwriter POL Arida and the fabulous group DRUM.

All and sundry of the existing art mob in SecondLife passed through the party during the many hours that the laird was there, but he most appreciated the presence of his beloved sister Millimina Salamander whom he had not met with in a long while.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Bock.

    And massive approval from me for the new blogtop here!

  2. Thanks both of you! ;)

    To Kandinsky I would like to add, I didn't like that picture of me when I first saw it because I think it makes me look to young and vulnerable, I prefer to see myself as calm, cool and collected even if I know that is not always what others see.


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