Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I would like to start off by wishing my American friends and readers a very happy thanksgiving weekend, with lots of good food and drink, loved ones, friends and family around you and - of course - football on TV!

On my own behalf I would like to give thanks my friends and families in both lives for supporting me through the last years, for being patient with me and letting me do things in my own pace.

I would also like to say thanks for learning again that you gain nothing from trying to communicate reasonably with people who live in another reality created by their own warped minds. Hopefully I will learn not to even try doing that in the future.


  1. Bock, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones too! A question though regarding your last sentence -- were you trying to have a conversation with some Republicans?

  2. Republicans?? Good Goddess, no, the Laird has standards !

  3. ROFL exactly sirhc, the laird has standards but I/he should learn that sometimes you can talk until the cows come home with a snowballs chance in hell of convincing the other person (non-Republican).

    Thanks for the movie tip, Apmel (and SaveMe), I had forgotten about that poem by Burroughs!


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