Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bora Comes By

Bora Rossini came over for a visit today. We haven´t seen each other for some time, so it was good to talk about what had happened in our lives since the last time we talked and catch up with the others.

While Bora was there we also took the time to look at the memorial for Ars that Bora once very kindly made for me from the huge memorial that stood at Mirromere for a week. Bora cut it down to a quarter of its original size so that it fits perfectly on the parcel, without losing any of its beauty.

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  1. On that day I had the feeling to go and "see" Ars and say HI. Good thing that i met Bock online and we shared some wonderful moments there at the memorial. Bock really created a nice peaceful scenery there. And, while sittin there, i could hear Ars laughing (in his very special way) about my new hairstyle and my decent dressing :)....grins.

    Never forget him.

    Bora Rossini


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