Monday, December 19, 2011

Keira Linden, Where Are You?

Photography by CodeBastard Redgrave
I have a select few Lindens that I have always thought of as "my Lindens", the Linden Lab employees I would turn to if I ever ended up in serious troubles of some sort again in SecondLife.

The two on the top of the list were Belinda Linden and Keira Linden, both of them because of their helpful attitude when dealing with me at the time my Ars passed away. I was half-crazy and sometimes incoherent in my upset and worried state at the time, but they always remained calm, kind, considerate and supportive when helping me through my problems.

Belinda Linden was lost in the big purge that "the CEO who shall not be named, but who´s first name was M" brought about in June 2010 (30 % of the staff at Linden Lab was cut). As I was sending out my Holiday Greetings yesterday I wasn't able to find Keira in search, which set of all my alarms.

When I did a search on Google I came across her SecondLife profile which flatly said: "Former member of the Linden Support Team. Please visit for support assistance." This totally sucks!

If anyone who reads this knows Belinda Linden or Keira Linden and if any of them are still around in SecondLife (by some other name) or first life, would you please inform them that I would be ever so happy if they contacted me via e-mail

Make sure they realize that I am not going to harass them in anyway, but that I just always want to maintain some kind of connection to people who have been good to me. Oh tell them also, even if they do not remember me I will always remember them!

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