Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Premium Gift

Linden Lab today sent out a new gift to premium members.

It looks like a great little sailboat, I may have to ask seasoned sailor Vanadis for some lessons though! ...or perhaps a sexy male avatar would suit me better...?


  1. oh im glad im not a premium member:)had enough of sail boats growing up... seriously LL have nothing to offer me to even think about becoming a premium member. dont want to live in the LL ghetto, cant afford a LL full sim and now a sailboat?? wonder if it works...getting ppl to join up as paying i mean...

  2. It pays for itself if you use the 512k land allotment or take the free starter house since they give you a 1,000 Linden sign-up bonus, and a stipend of 300 Linden a week. If you pay quarterly or annually, it really is a good deal. And, if anything ever goes wrong or you need good customer support, you are given a special phone number to call.

  3. ...and not only a phone number, Eddi, you get excellent Live chat support. That customer service has been very helpful to me a few times.

    The purpose of customer benefits is rarely to get new customers but to keep those who already are customers by adding some small benefits from time to time.

  4. There are better boats to learn to sail. BBK is a good free beginner boat, simple to handle, that you can change the color of the hull and sails in Photoshop.
    If you really want to learn to sail without "distraction"select a lady teacher. Both me Sjöfn and Kynlif are good sailors.
    When you learnt to sail, you can always impress the optional cutter jewelry.

  5. Damn I spelled "colour" in the American way! Must get more :)

  6. haha Vanadis gotcha! I WILL make you start spelling in the American English fashion... ;)

  7. Oh what fun it would be to swearing and rule over Bock on a boat. Only Ran (norse watergoodess) has a higher rank on a boat than the skipper.

  8. i was a premium in the beginning of my SL life but had problems every month they were going to charge me...had money on my CC but LL fucked up as usual and thretened to block my i got back to basic... had to contact LL support once and that was not a fun thing rude and unwiliing to help, its never their problem get another CC was their answer... it wasnt my card that was the problem it was LL and you just cant get another CC in sweden like you can in the us... and calling them!? yeah right not cheap calling the us from sweden...
    the 512 plot i can live without i rent a homestead from a private estate owner and have done for over 3 years now works great never any problems. so no premium is not the answer for me:) but i guess most of LL dont think there is a europe or anyplace outside of the us;)

  9. No my experiance is that you don´t need to be a premium memeber at all to call the servicecenters.
    I have done it, got good help. There are different numbers, I think this person I talked to, a very helpful woman was stationed at Iceland, or maybe she was icelandic, have forgotten. We talked a lot about how fine it would be if they had a support talking scandinavian.

    I have never been a Premium member.

  10. @Vampi, my experience is, and I am trying to be very sweet about this, that usually it is not Linden Lab that "fucks up" but we the users who do not care to read instructions and follow them... ;)

    And the personnel at Customer Service have always been courteous, civil, emphatic and kind to me even when they have not been able to help.


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