Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Attempted Murder

My friend Eddi Haskell - who should know better when I am standing with one foot in the grave with the worst cold in Christendom - almost killed me off completely with these moving clips of "adorable Auntie Edwina and slutty Cousin Bockella" on his blog Eddi Haskell´s Second Life.


  1. I find your cousin Bockella very hot! I am trying to find photos of her try out for the Swedish Bikini Team. Uh --- do Swedish girls know about Brazilian Bikini Wax's by the way -- I would hate to say it, but your cousin is a bit on the hirsute side.

  2. Pffft Swedish girls like the natural look...

    1. P,S, ...and I must add, the same goes for Swedish men.

      No one has heard of "anal bleaching", at least not in the provinces outside of Stockholm.


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