Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Artists and Other Animals

"Bock" by Chade Dagger
Here is a bonus poster for all my fans to put up over their beds or in their living rooms. Those who aren't one of my fans can use it to throw darts at or on the shooting range if they bother.

I have been thinking about the word "artist" and who can - rightfully - claim to "be an artist". As it turns out artist is not a well-defined or protected title. Anyone can at any point in time decide call themselves an artist if they wish to do so, but that does by no means mean that others must accept their claim.

For me an artist would be involved with art forms concerned with pure visual or performing arts for the purpose of aesthetics or concept rather than practical application.

Designing household appliances, skins or clothes are indeed important creative activities but do not usually count as fine art in my book. However, there are exceptional instances when I would consider items of these activities as art. Only to mention one example I will point at my own creation "The Jesters Hat - only for the most daring of fashionistas" which is sublime.

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