Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go Easy On the Nasal Spray...

(via copyranter)
...or else you might end up this way!

I am semi-addicted to nasal decongestants around this time of the year because I cannot fall asleep if I cannot breathe through my nose.

I usually blame my co-workers with children in day care for this condition. They bring all the infections that have been running wild among the kids to us poor guys who have no immunity against those upper respiratory tract infections.

Feeling much better, but still tired. See you all in the weekend!


  1. One does feel better when they can breath. Hope you feel better soon. Do not know what you use but Flo Nase works well for me. Prescribed by a Doctor here Get well soon and hugs. I will not catch it sense I already have it so the hug is safe. smile

  2. I use something called "Otrivin" with menthol, seems to do the thing ;)


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