Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Parading the Colors

When I put in my order for the McMillan tartan with full regalia for my buddy sirhc DeSantis, the beautiful designer Elle74 Zaftig ordered her seamstresses to work at full speed. With the delivery of sirhc´s present she also gifted me a full new outfit of the newly designed version.

I absolutely love it, so after the photo exhibition I took a walk around the estates. Although it was a windy evening the cold breezes didn´t get at my ba...uhmmm testis, not much anyhow. All was calm on the sim and all the animals were accounted for.

On the picture you see me parading the clan-colors next to a jar made by the artist Second Renoir. She is according to rumor actually a well known artist in first life also. She is also the first life sister of Mrs. Blanche cbreak.

I have quite a few of those jars placed around the sim, they are great focal-points.


  1. Haha,, en scottis kilt.. .. Mytet är att man har ingenting under kjolen. *giggles*

    // Tie

  2. You must try and pervcam me when next we meet, Tienkie ;)


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