Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apmel Made Me Do It

This picture is just to prove that the Swedish blogger, my bosom buddy and enfant terrible, Apmel Goosson is spreading damned lies in his post  "My Avatars Name Is Apmel; More People Are Jumping On The Trend".

This was the one I was going to post when Apmel F-O-R-C-E-D me to get naked to promote his and Kandinsky Beaumont´s event on Solace Island on Sunday. I feel cheapened and exploited. Do not believe the horrible mans lies! (OK, I admit I was not hard to convince but anyway...)

It is well known in both lives that I am the most patient man in SecondLife, everyone tells me so all the time! It is not yet widely known that I am also in fact one of the shyest avatars in existence.

There is a lesson to be learned from this everyone; "Don´t trust the straight guys, they only want our bodies!"

...and yes you are correct in believing this post is grossly exaggerated...


  1. Your body is safe with me buddy!

    /Apmel "straight vanilla" Goosson

  2. Dearest Bock! Thank you for promoting this special event and be sure I would never do anything as bad as forcing you to undress...still I am glad your generosity for the sake is without limits...

    1. Kandi, my dear, although I have been whining about it I must honestly tell you I jumped on Apmel´s idea like a beaver in heat.

      I thoroughly loved the idea and was happy to do it for a good cause! ;)


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