Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras at The Bullring

Although it was Fat Tuesday yesterday I was preparing for a peaceful evening at Southern Charm, perhaps some light gardening but nothing at all adventurous when I saw my friend missK calling us to a Mardi Gras party with DJ Hotboy at my co-blogger Torro Spyker´s club The Bullring.
Torro Spyker checking out a patron
I had never been to that club before so I thought to myself, "What the hell, the gardening can wait...". I threw off my shirt, threw on my beads and a mask and took the teleport.

When I arrived the small room was already filled by a few very good looking women and the hunkiest men in SecondLife, the pride of the gay community in our world. My fellow Swedes sometimes complain about my exaggerated height, but I believe I was the shortest man in the room this night.

Strangely enough there wasn´t much conversation going on although the room was packed so I am guessing it was all in IMs. The music was good and the sights were just fine too, so I stayed until it was time for bed and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
DJ Hotboy and Mercedes
Bock, shirtless with beads and mask
Blogger Jeff Ellsworth hiding in the rafters but I found him anyway


  1. No one can do drag like DJ Hotboy! He has such style and elan, and such hairy legs, just like the gorgeous hirsute women from Norway across the border from Sunny Sweden!

    1. For diplomatic reasons I emphatically deny all and any knowledge concerning the hairiness of Norwegian women´s legs.

      All I know about Norwegians - and their women - is that they are cute, charming and extremely interested in taking long nature walks on Sundays, "gå på tur" they call it.

      Could it be that the women in Norway prefer to go "au naturel" and therefor do not shave their legs? Well, I must leave this question hanging to be answered by Norwegian women themselves or men and women with experience in and knowledge on this subject.

  2. Hmm.. Kandi and I tried to TP you to a Mardi Gras carneval in New Orleans plus some brasilian samba. Milli has asked me to look after you when she is gone!
    But I see now that you were in good hands:))

    1. Awwww that was kind of both Milli and Kandi and you! ;)

      Yes I got the message with the teleport, but I had just logged off when it came so I didn´t see it until the next day in my e-mail and the when I logged inworld again.

      Thanks for trying tho ;)


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