Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phone Scam

I had heard about this scam for awhile, but nothing remotely adventurous ever happens to me so I didn't think more of it.

The guy calling me early this morning spoke broken English in an Indian or Malayan accent and told me he was from a "Microsoft Support partner". I could hear he was in a call-center of sorts because there were many talking around him.

The company had received a warning that my computer had been infected with some really bad virus. I was not to worry though because he was calling to help me remove it from my computer. If I would please start my computer he would help me at once and my computer would be virus free in a few minutes.

I was relieved that I had heard of this scam, so I knew exactly what to do. I thanked him kindly for his amicable offer and told him I had the situation under control. As I said "Goodbye" to him he was shouting at me not to hang up.

If it had been later in the day (phoning before 9 AM on a Saturday morning is criminal. or should be) and I had been more alert I think I would have listened to him and then pretend to start a sex chat with him. I would have begun by telling him he had a sexy voice. Next I would ask what he was wearing and and what his body stats were. After that I would ask him to remove a garment, just for me... etc., etc.


  1. ive had a few ppl asking me about this... they got the call but where sane enough to hang up and not give them any information. if they would call me i would tell them that I infact work for MS and if you did you should know this... or say sorry mate but im on linux or a mac... sexchat hmmm never thought of that hihi
    by the way i got a scam email från "second Life password something team" the other day wanting my password hehe they do it soooooo bad:)

    1. Damn true, and in my e-mail yesterday I got no less than two of those e-mails where some crooked banker in Nigeria wants to "borrow" my bank account to stash millions of USD in for two minutes and then graciously give me a share of 40 % or 45 % of the loot for my "inconvenience"... ;)


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