Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Last C&P Show

When I got the news that Circe Broom was shutting down the Laurel Arts sim I was devastated. I have spent many hours of my SecondLife there enjoying poetry, live performances, comedy acts and last - but in no way least - "The Coffee and Pajamas Jazz Show with Elfay Pinkdot" (C&P) together with Ars, with friends or on my own.
Circe Broom, owner of the Laurel Arts sim
I first knew off C&P and met with DJ Elfay Pinkdot at the Saturday and Sunday shows that were held at Second Pride Festival of 2008. I was blown away by this chatty DJ who played great music while having an interactive banter with those at the show in SecondLife or listening in on radio and who were sending her messages by text or mail.
DJ Elfay Pinkdot in action
Everyone didn't get or like the format of the show, which relies heavily on audience participation and Elfay´s communication with us throughout the show. But I was thrilled and excited as many of the regulars who lovingly came week after week for Elfay, the music and the other regulars (in that order). Circe herself and her lover Vince were almost always there. Circe acting as a safe anchor and participating with the rest of us.
Margo, Carol, I and Diana
After Ars passed away I rarely left the home sim for a long time except for sets by Bara Jonson and Strum Diesel or events at OrmDricka and the C&P. These places I felt loved, welcomed and fairly safe. I cannot say how I would have managed without them, but I am happy they were there when I was in need.
Margo, Carol, I, Joetonight and Diana
As I was preparing for the last show of C&P at Circe´s Sunset Jazz Club I was sad but at the same time happy, because although I knew this was the last time I would be going there I would also meet the other regulars who had become my fiends, Circe, Elfay, Diana, Carol, Joetonight, Margo, Ex, Mari (who unfortunately could not be there this Sunday), DoubleDown Tandino (whom I meanly have renamed DDT for short) and more, many more.
It is sad when good things come to an end, but I for one will relish in the sweet memories of those days until I lose my mind or die. The last show was a Valentines Day celebration, if you should wonder about all the hearts.
The regulars assembled for a last shot


  1. What a lovely tribute to Circe, Elfay, and the show! I will miss it terribly for the very same reasons you mentioned, Bock. Circe, Sunset Jazz, and the Coffee and Pajamas show contributed so much to SL culture. We were fortunate to have the experience :)

    I will always treasure those times with my friends. Big huggles to you all!

  2. Thank you, Bock. I too am grateful to Circe for providing a beautiful venue and an opportunity to make wonderful Elfay for her always fun and provocative Coffee & Pajamas Show....and to you for being such a lovely friend and for memorializing our time together at Sunset Jazz Club.

    1. Aww Margo, it was a wonderful time and I cherish all the wonderful friends like you that I made there!

      Hugs dear!


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