Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A.B.B. Indicted For Terror and Murder

 Lise Aserud/AFP/Getty Images
"Norwegian prosecutors on Wednesday indicted (A.B.B.) on terror and murder charges for killing 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage on 22 July 2011 but said the confessed mass killer was unlikely to go to prison for the country's worst peacetime massacre.
Prosecutors said they considered the 33-year-old rightwing extremist to be psychotic and would seek a sentence of involuntary commitment to psychiatric care instead of imprisonment unless new information about his mental health emerged during the trial, due to start in April.
As expected, they charged him under a paragraph in Norway's anti-terror law that refers to violent acts intended to disrupt key government functions or spread fears in the population.
(A.B.B.) has confessed to the attacks but denies criminal guilt, portraying the victims as "traitors" for embracing immigration policies he claims will result in an Islamic colonisation of Norway."
Read the whole article on here.

Please note that the question whether or not A.B.B. is indeed criminally insane is being reinvestigated by order of the Oslo District Court..

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