Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the Struggle Continues...

After almost a century great strides in women´s equality have been taken in many ways and in many parts of the world. However, much more work remains before women achieve full and equal rights even in the countries where they have come the furthest. In other parts they still live in patriarchal slavery and are treated worse than cattle - and are more expendable - with hardly any human rights at all, if any.

Be strong, be determined and join forces among yourselves and with those other allies you can find. Hopefully you will not have to wait another hundred years.

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  1. If Sweden celebrate 100 years of real democracy 2021, 100 years since swedish women got the right to vote, there´s a hope for the future. Unfortunately, we see signs of a recession rather than an achievement for the equality of the last 25 years.


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