Friday, March 9, 2012

Bukowski & Witches

Quotes by Charles Bukowski seem to be popular on some of my friends Facebook accounts I have learned from a post at my buddy Apmel Goosson´s blog today.

As I am not on Facebook anymore, I will send my response of support here with another usable quote from the same man. I think I actually love it, but I am crazy because I have a weak spot for witches also.

And this will be my final contribution to the civil war that has flared up in Swedish SecondLife thanks to the anonymous bloggers at Prim Team/Netlott (or whatever they may call their blog today) for unearthing old battle axes.


  1. the Prim Team/Netlott (or whatever they may call their blog today)... have no interest whatso ever for me or what they are writing about... just another trollblog.... ignore and they will go away.... sorry gittrika but thats the way i feel know you find them allouring.....

    1. I agree Vampi, I cannot understand the need for people to keep on harassing PetGirl/Tina. Even old ghouls that have repeatedly stated that they have left SecondLife, citing her existence as a reason for their decision, suddenly pop back - if they ever were away.

      I have heard that OSgrid, InWorldz and NuVera are amazing virtual worlds, they should just go there and leave PetGirl/Tina and the rest of us alone.

      We had finally arrived at some kind of guarded peace when the civil war in the Scandinavian community was intentionally restarted by some people who did not appreciate the fact that we finally could be at the same venues together. Even if it at the moment meant not speaking across group lines still we were at the same venue.

      It is sad to see that the peacekeeping efforts by Vira, NEO and Apollon are wasted in this way.


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