Friday, March 6, 2015

The Laird's Awards - 2015

As tradition bids the staff of Bock in SecondLife, consisting of the editor in chief Bock McMillan and the editor for science, geeky stuff and photography Tomais Ashdene, have been racking their brains to assemble this list of worthy recipients of the 2015 Best in SecondLife Awards.

And without further ado here they are!

Best Friend
  • Ebbe Linden of Second Life & Linden Labs
  • The Linden Lab (award sent to Pete Linden, Senior Director, Global Communications)
  • The Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Project Team (award sent to Jessica Lyon, FS Project Manager)

Best Blogger

Best Builder
  • Adham DeCuir of Boystown
  • Fordis Flores of all over the place
  • Jak Calcutt of Second Pride
  • Karl Kalchek of Second Pride
  • Samuel Fallen of Lytton & Fallen
  • Truck Meredith of The Calas Galadhon Park Sims
  • Tymus Tenk  of The Calas Galadhon Park Sims

Best Deejay
  • Aeschylus Shepherd
  • Butch Diavolo-Ğrăçємσûηт
  • Cupric Router
  • Helene Dragoone
  • Hottie B Lockjaw
  • Michelangelo Vilota
  • sirhc DeSantis

Best Designer
  • Ansor Hoorenbeek  of The Hoorenbeek Team
  • Apple Fall of AppleFall
  • Damien Fate of FateWear
  • Masa Plympton of Deadwool 
  • Winter Thorn of What's Next

Best Performer 
  • Samm Qendra
  • Strum Diesel

Best Scripter  
  • Chaz Longstaff of Blue Balls
  • Kip Ashbourne of Blue Balls

Best Pose-Maker
  • Finn Millar of Vice Poses
  • RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur
  • Spencer Ronzales of Vice Poses
  • Winter Thorn of What's Next

Best Photographer
  • Bre Czaroux
  • Darkyn Dover
  • Joseph Nussbaum
  • JJ Goodman
  • Nikolai Warden
  • Skippy Beresford
  • Static Frenzy
  • Strawberry Singh
  • Tomais Ashdene
  • WayneNZ Resident

Best Dressed
  • Dex Moleno
  • Guyke Lundquist
  • Hottie B Lockjaw

Best Frienemy
  • Guyke Lundquist

Best Gay
  • Garrett Smith
  • Kahvy Smith, nee Sands
  • Lee McKay

Best Husband 
  • Bock McMillan
  • Tomais Ashdene 

Best Wife
  • Iendi Laville 
  • Vampi Twine-McMillan-McMillan (honorary)

Best Son
  • Guyke Lundquist
  • Pook Czaroux

Best Daughter
  • Donna Pavlova

Best Brother
  • Dejerrity Mycron
  • JJ Goodman
  • Michelangelo Vilota
  • Rylan Sirnah

Best Sister
  • Lucretia Brandenburg
  • Millimina Salamander

Best Boyfriend
  • Fordis Flores
  • JJ Goodman

Best Girlfriend
  • Lucretia Brandenburg
  • Pieni

Best Wingman
  • Butch Diavolo-Ğrăçємσûηт


  1. I'm flattered and honoured to be a recipient of a Laird's Award, and to be among such luminaries! Thank you both, Bock and Tomais!

  2. Yay! Thanks so much ! Such an honor to be on this list!

  3. Thanks so much Bock & Tomais! Truck and I are both honoured. Wishing the very best to you both!

  4. Thank you so much Bock and Tomais back flips lands in the Splits

  5. It's my great Honor for the second year in a row! good company too :)

  6. Thank you darling daddilein! A category all of my own even. Woot! so very proud :P

  7. Congrats to all the winners, specially for JJ Goodman, a lovely friend, a dear person!

  8. Thank you both. I accept with great humility.

  9. I'd like to thank the Academy .... um ,,,, I mean Bock & Tomais! You made my day :)

  10. awww thank you so much Bock and Tomais! I'm so flattered and honored to be on the list amongst such talented people. <3 Congrats to all the winners!

  11. Thx so much Bock and Thomais, I am very honored to be in the list, thanks! ;)

  12. Wow thank you Bock! I am truly honored to be selected, although this blog needs to be on the list too!


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