Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lesson in Geography

Sweden and Finland highlighted
When I was talking with my brother in-law Dejerrity yesterday we somehow slipped into the unusual subject of geography.

Dej told me he new where Finland was because "the country looks like a penis".

I had to correct him of course, and informed him that the penis is in fact Sweden while Finland is the ball sack, or as the Urban Dictionary describes it "the hairy, hangy; unusual, disfigured sack that hangs precariously from a penis". I also told him that in first life I live way down south at the tip of the penis "where the external urethral orifice is normally placed" or words to that effect.

When teaching someone anything it is always an excellent idea to use images you and they are familiar with. Dej and I both know penises well.


  1. and that is why i refuse to play with toy money (Euro), money that has my country looking like a penis i do not take seriously:)

    1. Come on, dearest Vampi, you can hardly blame the Euro for the shape of the Swedish territory today.

      I would rather blame Sweden´s present outline on
      a) Denmark for losing the wars with Sweden and thus being forced to give up the provinces of Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Bohuslän in 1658,
      b) Russia for ripping away Finland in 1809 and
      c) Norway for leaving us in 1905. ;)

    2. no but i can blame them for making toy money;) they look silly like monopoly money:)


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