Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating Lag

Shorty, one of the owners, told me that I was creating lag at the Sanctuary today - or rather that my shirt was doing it. Everyone in SecondLife knows that creating lag is the worst thing one can do in-world and I did not want to get a bad reputation, not for that also.

So as the nice and innocent Swedish man I am I took off my shirt and exposed myself to their curious eyes. In hindsight I think that perhaps Shorty just wanted to get a look at my hairy chest...


  1. Thanks for the tip on how to get you to take off your shirt ;)

  2. OMG that is too hot to bear! Grrrrrr woof!
    Your pants however are still causing horrific lag!

  3. LOLS@Iendi&Ziggy, You both wish, but I have learned from the experience... too bad you both missed it!

  4. Maybe you need to recreate this event privately for me so I can ascertain the exact laggy bits. For example. Try dancing on my lap maybe with the shirt on, then removing it and then we can try no pants and see if the situation can be scientifically proven than yes indeed, Bock shirtless is lag free....only way to be sure!

    1. Oooo Ziggy, you never told me you were so into scientific research, if I had only known that...

      I will closely consider your kind offer to sacrifice your virtue for the good of all mankind and all avatars in SecondLife.


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