Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scary at OrmDricka

Meet Gitt and Rika, or maybe it is Rika and Gitt, I am not sure
Just a quick post before crawling to bed.  I had to show you the picture of the evil, two-headed, ogre I met at OrmDricka´s fantasy event today. It is of course, Gittrika Mint having some fun with her avatar.

I hope the sight of this ogre will not prevent me from sleeping.


  1. Hihi I'm sorry if I'm causing you horrible nighmares. I have two brains normally but this is the first time I show them officially. And this was my left brain speaking..or was it the right?...Well if you hear some mumbling from those heads is it probably Gitt and Trika argueing...;);)
    Huuugs Bock! :) <3

    1. LOL well I slept very well, so they did not disturb me at all!


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