Monday, April 30, 2012

Voicing with Millimina

When I came in-world yesterday and had finished my usual initial procedures to get unstuck from the back-deck at home, which has been an irritating feature of my SecondLife for awhile now, I checked my friendslist to see who was on.

Millimina as a vamp
I was happily surprised to see that my little sister Millimina Salamander there. She hasn't been in-world for a while due to first life work and other hindrances, but we have kept in touch via email. As I am now able to use my headset again without my jaw resting on the table with my nose touching the keyboard, I plugged in the headset and called her.

It was wonderful to hear her beautiful voice again. She speaks Swedish with a hint of a dialect that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

I myself speak the most detested of Swedish dialects from the far south, Scanian. The rest of the Swedes claim the diphthongs of Scanian are so thick that it becomes totally unintelligible and "sounds like Danish". Although I myself claim that my dialect is extremely polished, I admit to sometimes speaking too fast and with a sultry drawl. I have on more than one occasion been asked to speak English when talking with shop assistants in Stockholm. I blame their lack of intelligence and imagination for this.

Anyway, we had a good long talk and caught up with the latest news in each others lives. I was very happy afterwards.

Everyone beware, I am going to ask for voice-conferences more frequently! 


  1. pffft bock your skånska is clean and polished (just like mine hihi) there ARE "thicker" ones but neither of us speak that. and if shop assistants in stockholm dont understand you they should get a job where they spend most of their time in a basement alone... and learn some manners!!

    1. LOL Vampi, you don´t count because you are another southerner, of course you understand me ;)

      ...but I do agree with you on the career choices of some shop assistants in Stockholm.


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