Monday, April 23, 2012


So I just removed a post that I regretted because it was made in a foul temper.

I am in a bad mood because I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. I am afraid he will tell me it is time to get off the antidepressant medication (Cipralex) which I have been on the last two years since I was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder following Ars death.

I do not want to go back to where I was in May of 2010 and I am fearing that the sense of complete powerlessness will engulf me again. 


  1. Don´t forget you have many friends. Hugs, buddy.

  2. first of all he cant tell you to just quit they need to be phased out
    second, if you feel like you still need them you tell him that and he should listen to you.
    hes been a good doctor for you so far?

  3. Think of it this way Bock, one less thing to think or worry about every day. One more step in being "you" again. Do you remember "YOU"? You know the little boy who would play for hours without a care in the world. Who then became a fun loving teenager who then grew into the adult you were!
    It's time for "YOU" again!!!!
    Nothing is better than you.
    I also love you so get out of that negative frame of thought or I will smack "YOU" and not perform my song for you in my behive hairdo ;-)

  4. I know exactly what kind of fear you are talking about


  5. Bock, I do not know how the Swedish medical system works, but here, in the United States, and in the U.K. where I used to live, if your tell your doctor that a medicine is helping you, and if the medicine is not causing any bad side effects, your doctor will almost always keep you on it.

    You are ultimately in control of your own well being.

    In certain circumstances, a new formulation of a medication might be available, and you may be asked to try it. Sometimes old medications are phased out and new ones replace them. Sometimes huge cost savings are made apparent with new drugs.

    Your drug, Cipralex, is being replaced in the UK with
    a drug with near identical formulation at a fraction of the price, Cipramil. You can read about it here:
    They might ask you to try the other drug, which has the same effect.

    Whatever the case, I do not think a responsible doctor will ask you to suddenly remove a medication that has been doing you good. Just be armed with information, and be insistent that this drug is doing you good.

    I really do not think you have anything to worry about. It will all work out just fine :)

    1. near identical formulation you write...well they were VERY different to me... the escitalopram made me VERY ill got almost every side effect you can get and some new ones:(
      just a sidenote:) if something is working stick with it id say:)

    2. Vampi thank you! Your own experience refutes what I just read about what is happening in the UK.

      Things are much harder in the United States, our health maintenance organizations insist at times that we take cheaper "generic" medications that sometimes do not work as well as the real thing.

  6. Agree with Eddi, doctor has no right to stop you using that if you feel good.

  7. see my blog for a reply... it turned into a novel ;)

    1. Thanks so much, buddy, the experience you share in your post Life without pills? gives me hope for the future!

      Big hugs!


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