Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attention All Kissable Swedes

  1. Are you Swedish? 
  2. Are you an excellent kisser? 
  3. Are you an avatar in SecondLife? 
  4. Are you available for some kissing on Wednesday June 6, 2012?
  5. Are you willing to kiss a lot of wonderful International avatars?

If your answer is "yes" to all five questions above then I want you as part of my team of  volunteers serving the needy crowd of International avatars that I hope will assemble for The Second Annual Kiss-A-Swede event in SecondLife.

Please send me an IM or an e-mail or just leave a comment below and I may get back to you

Meanwhile you can enjoy - and perhaps learn - from this wonderful, delicious and instructional video of Demon and Heartbreaker kissing! (It´s an old favorite of mine.)


  1. Does this mean that it's time for the return of Hot Lips Mcmillan to Second Life?

    1. Well Eddi, my mentor, Hot Lips McMillan has never left - he is just temporarily too tired of himself and his first life.

      He/me/I will be back in full force tomorrow and during the weekend! ;)

  2. IF .. and that means if im at home on 6 of JUNE im in:)if u need a girlkisser that is..

    1. But Of course girlkissers are welcome! I have to cater to a whole world of homosexually challenged men and need the support of my female friends in dealing with them ;)

      Hopefully you will be home at that time, otherwise I may demand that you log in whereever in the world you may be. And I know for certain that they have Internet and broadband in Holland so don´t you try to wiggle out of this... ;)

  3. Oooooh my lips are just quivering waiting to kiss you...again! Just saying

    1. LOL I think I may be starting to get excited with anticipation for that wonderful event too...


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