Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ewa + Polle = True

The wedding entourage (picture "borrowed" from Ewa´s LOGOS)
Yesterday my dear friend Ms Ewa Aska married hunky Polle Knipper and became Mrs. Ewa Aska-Knipper.

I hope she will forever remain the whirlwind of creativity that she has always been known to be and not decide to settle down in humdrum married bliss... but after looking at some old pictures I have of Polle (formerly known as Polleswe), I could easily understand if she would be tempted to settle for a more tranquil lifestyle.

My warmest congratulations to the happy couple!


  1. Two stunning things in this picture 1) someone never before seen without his hat 2) Ewa´s wedding dress!

    1. Haha I was thinking the exakt same two things, bosom buddy!

      Ikaros (far left in the picture), does look gorgeous without his usual chapeau and Ewa´s wedding gown is breathtaking and a heart stopper for every straight male around. ;)


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