Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"It Could Happen To You"

Thomas Lee Bridegroom (1982-2011) was an American film and commercial actor, television host and photographer.

Tom died on May 7, 2011, after a fall from a rooftop during a photo session. In May 2012, a year after his death, his partner for six years Shane Bitney Crone released this clip in which he tells us his story in order to speak out in favor of rights for same-sex couples.

Please follow Shane´s sound advice, "Whatever your sexual orientation, I plead with you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the ones you love.". That advice applies in both your first and your second lives.

I first saw this clip about a week ago on Joe.My.God. and was deeply moved by it, but still I hesitated to re-post it here for reasons of my own. After speaking with my friend Kahvy Ewing-Sands in SecondLife about it last evening I decided to post it anyway. The video is worth all the attention it can get.

I am indebted to Kahvy for convincing me this was the right thing to do!


  1. Bock this is ery sad but beautiful. Glad you decided to post it. More need to see it. If this only makes one person see just how beautiful all life is then it is well worth it. My heart goes out to Shane. Tomorrow I plan to post a link to your blog and refer to this video and article. I truly touched me.

    1. It is a strong, heartbreaking and clear testimonial for the case that love should be accepted and treated and with the same respect and dignity by any government.

      It is also educational in showing us all the need to take the time to consider what could happen to the one we love and share our lives with if we do not take the time to think about and settle our affairs in the midst of our happy lives together. The future hits in a snap and often in ways we do not expect. Protect the ones you love, always - even when you are no longer there to do it in person!


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