Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advance Notice: Second Pride Remembers Stonewall


  1. omg, how cool! Diana puts coffee on so she can stay up and give Bock a gentle nudge awake over there in Sweden :) A SLURL would be much appreciated for those of us out of the Pride communications loop>>>>>>>>Diana seriously considers deleting a group,hmmmmmm, nope! It's Bock's job to keep her informed :) Giggles :)

    1. LOL I may need more than a gentle nudge, more like a kick - or two or more - in the keester!

      I will post the landmark to the party as soon as I get it, but I am sure you can use any of the SLurl´s I have posted in the top of the right hand column to get to the festival sims (London, Buenos Aires, Sydney or San Francisco) and once you are there use the world map or the mini-map to locate the party! ;)


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