Saturday, June 2, 2012

Invitation to Kiss-A-Swede Day 2012

June 6 is Sweden´s National Day and the Swedish Flag Day, but more importantly it is also the International Kiss-A-Swede Day in SecondLife.

This is the second consecutive celebration of that event in SecondLife.

The wonderful DJ FelineFemme will be there to supply us with great music.I am hoping to be joined at that day by a few other Swedes, men and women, who will make themselves available for your kissing pleasure, if not I will take care of you all.

You and all your friends are invited to the kissfest at Southern Charm (SLurl).


  1. OMFG you better have a body guard! I may just go crazy on you....that pic has me nuts!

    1. Thanks sweet Ziggy! How come you almost always make me blush a little...? ;)

  2. Because you know how much I adore you more and more every day ;-)


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