Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Legal Counsel to Ms. Oh

Prince Wild Zepp, the spokesperson of the McMillan Household, has announced that The Much Honored Bock McMillan today has graciously accepted an appointment to act as legal counsel for Ms. SaveMe Oh, "l´enfant plus terrible" of the SecondLife art scene.

For more information on this interested readers are directed to the comments in Ms. Oh´s blog post Celebrating Secondlife´s 9th Birthday (url).


  1. OMG..you have guts Bock buddy!

    1. Nah, buddy, bossy women with a healthy self-confidence simply adore me. It´s the other kind that get riled up by me! ;)

  2. Dear Lawyer, I recieved this anonymous message and as you are also mentioned, I bring this to your attention.

    Anonymus:Well one reason you were not welcomed …a tag that said “President of Fish”…Really?…you flopped around our stages like a fish and as everyone can see you have no sense of maturity…and this so called lawyer you have writing to you cant beat himself out of a wet paper bag….so my thoughts and advice to you are …You are a nuisance..Every since i met you many moons ago you have done nothing but get in the way. I have yet to see you do anything productive here ….If you would spend half as much energy on your Real Life (the life without a comp) then you might become a useful part of society….Not only do you not have brains but you have NO class. Oh and follow his advice ….. “Shut up and move along!”….

    1. My dear Ms. Oh, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      Although I have been a bit under the weather the last few days I have noticed your latest calamity at a Danish event, where as I understand it, you were banned by someone who did not herself believe you should be banned but who, in her own words, had been spammed with requests of banning you and had given in to them.

      However, what occurred at the Danish event and the mere fact that the message was sent to you anonymously should in itself be enough to alert you of the fact that these attacks come from inferior and petty minded wannabees with no pride in themselves or their own achievements. They are to be pitied and forgotten.

      No self-respecting person - or avatar for that matter - would revert to anonymous messages or to pushing others in front of themselves to fight their battles.

      These are the traditional methods of the petite bourgeousie. They are spineless and easily forgettable as they never create anything worthwhile on their own and therefor are driven by their jealousy and inferiority complex to seek attention by attacking the creative, the-bigger-than-their-own-measly-life and the true artists.

      Dear Ms. Oh, we should not give them what they seek. You are bigger than they are and must learn to smile kindly at their childish antics. Simply forget them and move on, my dear, and always trust in your greatness.


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