Friday, June 29, 2012

Movies at SP2012 (Updated)

Did you know you can watch movies at the ongoing Second Pride Festival? Well, you can, there are two movies available.
Milk (url) is was playing in the National Academy of Music in London (SLurl).

Rent (url) is was playing in the Castro Theater in San Francisco (SLurl)

You must have QuickTime (url) installed. It is advised that you start the movie at the same time with friends so you can all be at the same point. You start the movie by playing your Media Stream for video.

If you haven't used QuickTime before, please remember to start it after you have installed it and allow it to be the primary viewer for the file types it requests,

That's what I am going to do today, I have had a bad headache for two days now and just want to relax without any music, so I guess it must be Milk for me tonight. I had actually suggested that one of the films shown should be the wonderful Beautiful Thing (url), but it wasn't considered to be "liberating" enough. I can appreciate that point, but still...

...and just as I logged in-world I got a message in the Pride Festival group that they had changed the movies to two I have seen about 10 times each. BUGGER me for being so slow!

Now showing are instead
Birdcage (url) is playing in the Castro Theater in San Francisco (SLurl)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (url) is playing in the National Academy of Music in London (SLurl).

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