Friday, June 15, 2012

Report From A Sickbed 2

French hot dog
with mayonnaise 
Nothing much happening, I´m still in pain but think it is getting better until it starts hurting again. Yesterday I ended up in a sort of "high" for about six hours through mixing too many over-the-counter Swedish painkillers. I know I laid down to sleep on my bed, but I woke up in a couch.

I actually didn't believe that this could happen with Swedish over-the-counter drugs, which are much weaker than the ones sold without prescriptions in the United States or anywhere else in the world, but now I know, so that was the last time I mix three drugs, I am sticking to the two-drug-combos from then on.

Physical pain has always made me angry and irritated and at the time being I am sick of it. I never cry when I am in physical pain but still feel like a whining wimp and that´s what pisses me.

Yesterday, I also got flowers and presents delivered to me, which was sort of sweet, but is that really what we (meaning I) want when we (me again) feel like shit and want to be left alone? Well, people mean well I guess.

After reading Zigadena Gabardini´s order to "eat something" in the comments, I actually walked to a gas station nearby in the middle of the night and bought what is called a "French hot dog" here, its a sausage shoved into what the gas-station claims to be a piece of baguette (but it really is just a piece of white fluffy bread). I ate almost all of it, well three-quarters at least.


  1. again... we could do you meels on wheels you know;) hugs

    1. No need to send out that poor cat on the road, dear Vampi. if I wanted to eat there is lots of stuff in my fridge. Also, my parents live close by and they and my sister and a few friends have already kindly offered to come over with food.

      I am just not hungry! Hugs! ;)

  2. Hope you get better soon buddie, did you watch fotboll tonight ? ;)

    1. Thanks NEO; I am sure I will too. No I did not see the match nut I know England won over Sweden 3-2 and that Sweden is now out of the championship. ;)

  3. Nurse online says: Of c you dont feel hunger since you "intoxicated yourself with paracetamol.And god knows what more..Hmmmpf.
    Did you not get any painkilles with you? Of a lesser toxic caliber than Alvedon?????And that works?
    If you still are in so much pain call the hospital.
    If you only have a 4 to 5 on a 10 grade scale and mostly while moving..well it takes 7 days for the inner healing process to get a bit effective.After that you should feel much better.This will soon get better I promise.
    Hugs Zigga

    1. Haha dear Ziga, I read up and it seems that painkillers give you gas, which is probably why I feel bloated and not hungry at all. (I am actively taking certain measures to relieve myself of the problem...saying no more...)

      True, I probably did overdose on paracetamols, but only one time and I have been very careful to avoid it happening again.

      It has already gotten much better!
      Hugs Ziga

    2. Not only do they do that..the paralyse your intestines,not recomended for you right now.And 8-10 of them could kill a fullgrown man, if taken at the same overthe counter harmless is not the right word for it ..
      Since most men have a lot of hot air and not much more,I consider you to be one that has less of that than most:):):)
      Glad u feel better now :)

  4. Ouch Ziga, I knew you could bite but... LOL!!!

    Thanks dear, I learned my lesson and will not repeat my mistake.



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