Saturday, June 23, 2012

SP2012 - Day 2

Lets start at the end of my second day with a few hunky men, it always makes me feel better. 

Above and below you see the three hunkiest men of the day at Second Pride, it´s DJ Cupric "The Coop" Router and his host Jagger Naughton with a companion doing their SWAMP THANG. Whatever that was it was leisurely and sexy.

I took it very easy Day 2 and gave it an early night because I knew I had to be up by 12 AM (midnight) SLT for Elfay Pinkdot´s Coffee & Pajamas Jazz Show and an hour after that my mate DJ Sarco Halderman´s set.. 

DJ Wesley Spengler grooving and blogger Jeff Ellsworth checking him out.
 The rest of the day I spent checking out the Ruthenium sim, where parts of the celebration rakes place.

I found the exhibition of quilts there, beautifully displayed and in a calm setting. Strangely enough there were quilts from 2003-2009 and none at all for 2010 and later.
The buildteam for Second Pride, under the lead of my friend Levi Ewing,  have done a really great job, with beautiful sets imaging the streets of
Buenos Aires (SLurl)
London (SLurl)
San Francisco (SLurl) and 
Sydney (SLurl) 

On Ruthenium there are a couple of beautiful streets from a few block in Buenos Aires. (see below)
The Gay History Museum is an amazing build showing an exhibition of the LGBT-movement from the early days until the present days. The globes are a masterpiece, both from outside and within.
Bock,  the eternal tourist


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