Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visiting With Apmel in Cloud Party

My buddy Apmel Goosson, also has an account on that social network called Facebook. When ever I think of Facebook, I always remember this sentence. "If you do not pay for a service, the main reason usually is that you are the product."

Lately Apmel has posted a lot about a new feature on Facebook called "Cloud Party" so today I decided to try it out and pay him a surprise visit. I do like to check things out closely. Apmel has a link you can try at the end of this post Lennart aka [explicit] Apmel (url)

You are given the option to log in with your Facebook account or as an anonymous user, as I deleted my account there a long time ago I used the latter.

Bock drops in for a vis it in Cloud Party
I rezzed into Cloud Party close to Apmel´s home and art gallery in there. It was easy to learn the fundamentals with previous experience from SecondLife or any other virtual world.

Well as Apmel wasn't home I didn't stay long, after clicking around the other "clouds worlds" floating around in the skies for a short while - they were all much the same - I logged off. I am sure this thing will develop and get consumer directed shops and other stuff soon, Facebook is after all a huge marketplace.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL Yeah, makes me look very cowboy-macho, huh?

  2. I been trying Cloud Party (as Ziggy Starsmith) and it reminds me of SL 2007.
    Fun but empty and lonely there!
    It might have potential in a year or so if SL ever has an apocalypse!

    1. Let´s hope that apocalypse never comes, Ziggy, because I could not understand Apmel´s fascination with it ;)


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