Friday, June 8, 2012

What WorkingDan Missed

The Swedish Bikini Team
Eat your heart out WorkingDan (url), I had these girls waiting for you in the barn on Southern Charm at my Kiss-A-Swede event.

The girls from the Swedish Bikini Team were thrilled to be there for you (I had told them about your absolutely cute lily white ass), but as you never showed up they were extremely disappointed when they finally left... not sure I can get them to come again next year...

(Fibbing, but I want to tach him a lesson...)


  1. So they were there? Damn it! Well it don't matter since I'm no more richer than I was the other day! I'm sure a trip to Sweden from the U.S. is no cheap ordeal!

    1. Hey Dan, no need to travel just log in to SecondLife! ;)


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