Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Whole Lotta´ Kisses

The long awaited day was finally here, it was time for the second annual International Kiss-A-Swede Day in SecondLife!

You can send out invitations, but if you don´t ask for R.S.V.P´s you never know how many may turn up. I knew from the start that it was an awkward day and time for many non-Europeans. After all the Kiss-A-Swede Day hasn't been made a holiday in most other parts of the world, not yet.

Too my great pleasure many friends and other people did come to the event and quite a few from the American continent too. Actually they came in such droves that I wore out my kissing-HUD. It simply stopped working halfway through the event. Luckily for me many of the potential kissers had HUD´s of their own.

I would like to than all for who came to join in the fun and especially FelineFemme, who was an amazing DJ at the event, and my sexy buddy Butch Diavolo, who helped me out with the hosting.

Here are some pictures from the event, please enjoy! ... I should also have some of me kissing with my CTO Vampi Twine and with Helene Dragone and Fia Wycliffe, but somehow I cannot find them. (I was too busy focusing on my own kissing, but I heard and saw quite a few others going at it on their own - hopefully I will be able to link to other blogs later.). As always you can click the pictures to see them enlarged.

For even more pictures from the event please visit my friends blogs!
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  2. Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life; Bock McMillan´s International Kiss-A-Swede Day Party
  3. Free Your Mind; Kiss(ed) By a Swede
  4. Jasmines Little Corner; Kyssar i mängder
Studly Ziggy Starsmith pounces sexy Butch Diavolo
The gorgeous holyarcher and myself going at it, with Jasmine Cazalet as chaperone
Butch (as the Swedish chef) and myself hugging
Kissing the beautiful Jasmine Cazalet
Butch sharing his love with Jasmine
Awesome DJ FelineFemme gets a welcome-kiss
The unique Bejiita Imako and I in a sweet embrace, Cute Fia Wycliffe pretending she isn´t looking
My stud-buddy Ziggy Starsmith and I in a deep kiss
Hot Larz Kaz has pounced me
My darling "sarge", sirhc DeSantis, and myself sharing saliva 
Kissing with the beautiful Blanche Argus
My friend the always beautiful Gittrika Mint and I in a loving embrace
I have pounced my dear brother in-law Dejerrity Mycron
Jasmine gives me a deep kiss in a "special" spot
Kissing with the wonderful Anne Waco
Kissing with my sweet friend Carol Pixelmaid
Kissing with hot buddy Butch (now out of disguise)
My sweet sister Millimina has pounced me
My bosom buddy  (always the fashionista) Apmel Goosson and I
Closing in on the sweet Carol Pixelmaid (Photo by Carol)


  1. Darn the bad luck! I missed my favorite Swedish holiday (well, next to St. Lucia's Day). Big smushy kisses to my favorite Swede!


    1. Hugs sweetie, I missed you too! Maybe next time ;)

      Big kisses and hugs back to you, and please give your hubby a good slap on his behind from me!

  2. Just a reminder that it was a one time offer...

    1. Pffft that´s for Holy and me to know, and you to wonder about! ;P

      ...I taught him a few new tricks, as I am sure you will notice soon... ;)

  3. I had a fantastic time, thanks buddy. Glad I finally made it this year and did not have to work however I wish to offer up a petition demanding we made this a daily event.....

    1. Oh may, sorry no can do a daily event, I have to collect myself for a year after that bash!

      Thanks for being there Ziggy and for making the party so fun! ;)


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