Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sabotage at SP2012

Second Life - Group notice: Sabotage!!!!
Group Notice From: Second Pride Festival, Doc Spad

Yesterday, Saturday, late in the day someone managed to wreck most of the buildings in the Buenos Aires region of our Pride celebration. The vendor items were was just the buildings. A crew of individuals did their best to uncover the shops for visitors to still see the vendor displays. During the day on Sunday various volunteers will get things put back together. so that others might enjoy that region for the remainder of Pride.

This happened 7 hours ago while I was sleeping. It is - that I know of - not known who these griefers are and their reasons for this willfully destructive attack  People who have the urge to destroy and hurt others to get a thrill in life are sad and contemptible. 


  1. A little birdy suggested it is a disgruntled person from within Shhhhhhh ;-)

    1. Oh? I haven´t heard that, but its still a childish, crappy and totally meaningless way of showing your dissatisfaction.

  2. Replies
    1. Shhhhh say no more ttyl, studelicious! ;)


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