Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sedation (Updated)

Well, I really don´t know what is going on. I don´t blog and I don´t log in to SecondLife, but I think of both those things all the time and miss my friends in-world.

As opposed to my problems earlier, I now cannot sleep when I need to. The last week I only got four to four and half hours of sleep a night. This week I have decided to take some drastic measures to induce sleep.

I do not drink very much ordinarily, so to bring myself to that stage of tiredness I am now sitting here with no less than two 5 cl snaps-bottles which I am going to drink while writing this post. I will give you a report tomorrow if it helped.

The two are Norwegian, one is Trondhjems Aquavit, it tasted great but perhaps a bit too chilly, while the other one is Taffel Aquavit, which doesn´t taste as good and has a strange oily aftertaste. But hell I am not drinking them to enjoy them, so down the hatch it goes.

Now I will wait and see if they are enough, or if I need one more.

Update My unconventional solution worked well and I had a good nights sleep. I woke up bright and early feeling rested and ready to take on the world. Of course I realize that this is not a remedy that should be used often, but this once it worked fine.


  1. Take it easy and believe me, sleep will come. Just don't get in the habit of the demon alcohol, trust me on that one!

  2. Drinking before bedtime is never good Bock!!

  3. Trust Apmel, he is an expert. Alcohol before bedtime often puts him in awkward situations...
    I would recommend a glass of calming warm milk instead, Bock. Maybe a smörgås or two, blood will rush to your stomach and you will feel drowsy.
    Alcohol gives a bad sleep.

    About the non-blogging and the non-logging in: the problem is probably scandinavian summer. You will be back on track some dark October night, I am sure.


  4. Thanks guys, sorry if my post alarmed you. I was actually not thinking of making this behavior a habit, it was just a one-off-fast-solution.

    I am a creature of habits so I know how easily I get into those.

    Hugs and love right back at y´all!

  5. Hey Handsome! Was worried about you! Hope to see you soon inworld again, love you to much to have you away! Kisses!

    And no drinking!!

    1. Hey Kahvy, I am sure I will come inworld soon, I already notice some progress!

      Oh, and concerning that other matter which you have asked me about in IM that was forwarded to my email. My response is: Yes, of course, I am honored that you asked and it will be a great pleasure. ;) (Have I been mysterious enough I wonder...?)

  6. A drink or two is never wrong when on holliday or else i can come and knock you on the head:) dear Bock <:)

  7. Everything in moderation, dear friend :) Miss you and hope to see you soon!

  8. Bock:

    Try this. It works for me.

    Go to a very good health store and get some valerian root. Buy the real thing, not little teabags. Make tea out of it. It is a very strong sleep inducer and is not addictive, nor is it a narcotic.

    It smells kinda funky but if you put honey in it it tastes good.

    Drive two or three cups before you want to go to sleep.

    People have been using it as an herbal remedy for thousands of years, and is used in Sweden. It mellows you out and lets you sleep without a hangover.

    1. valerian root CAN be very good however it cannot be used with precription drugs like anti depressives... but i think Bock knows that anyway:)

      now back to not having a working internet....:(

  9. Vampi you are right, it may increase the effect of these.

    I still think someone will be better off trying a cup of Valerian Root tea rather than an alcoholic drink (which is also not recommended) to try to relax.

  10. And people wonder why I like a couple beers every day!

  11. Thanks guys and girls for the tips and remedies, I am goint to call my doctor and see what he suggests ;)

    Hugs all!

  12. Perhaps I can lay beside you and read you a bedtime story that is fantastically dull and you for sure will gain some slumber!

    1. Ohhhhh Ziggy, with you laying next to me I would certainly not be bored ... ;)


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