Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zesentwintig Weer

"The cuteness that is Guyke"™
In Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, they have an age-old tradition among the Flemish people which reminds me very much of SecondLife. 

The people of Flanders speak a Belgian variety of Dutch called "tussentaal". In the local culture and language no one is ever recognized as being older than twenty-six, any age after that is referred to as "zesentwintig weer" (twenty-six again).

Today we celebrate the twenty-sixth again birthday in first life of The cuteness that is Guyke™, the wonderful, charming and loving man that brought so much happiness to Ars and my life. (Well - to be quite honest - some grey hairs and teeth grinding also but lets not delve in that on this festive day)

Gefeliciteerd met je zesentwintigste weer verjaardag, mijn liefste Guykechen!
Have a wonderful birthday, love you loads and bunches!

(...and of course there really is no such tradition, I just made it up!)


  1. Thank you ever so much dearest Bockilein :D

    I'm very impressed with your dutch btw!

    Loads of hugs and kisses!

    (I love the made up tradition btw)

  2. Happy birthday my dearest Guyke!
    I thought you're now 37 year old ;).
    Love you to bits in any case :) <3.

    /me is Janttu.

    1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Janttu, don´t break that excellent quaint Flemish tradition! ;)

  3. Guyke is a cutie like you Bock and he just may give you some competition if you don't watch your back ;-)
    Hell I will just take you both :-))))

    1. I agree with you Ziggy, he is very cute indeed! ;)

  4. And dammit, he is not single either!

    1. Yeah, dammit all the good guys are already taken or heterosexual as usual *sighhhhhhhhhh*


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