Sunday, September 30, 2012

Changing Appearances

Changing the way your avatar looks is a difficult thing for some of us, others do it with great ease and talent.

My own avatar has developed very slowly to the point where I am today. Sure I may do radical changes to fit a theme party or just for the hell of it, but when the party is over or my mood shifts I slip back into my comfort zone and revert back to "my look".

I do make changes, but only small ones that are difficult for others to detect and often go back again to try something else. Over time the changes are significant though.

My mentor in blogging, Eddi Haskell, has recently performed an extreme makeover and the result is truly amazing and stunning as you can see in this post on his blog. Eddi Haskell´s Second Life: Eddi Haskell´s New Look. However I will give you a sneak preview here.
Eddi Haskell´s New Look
Le derriere, douze points!

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