Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hop On Hop Oh

Yesterday I got an invitation to "join a daring art walk into exclusive goals" by my friend Kandinsky Beaumont, the famous SecondLife artist and art curator. For your information, Kandinsky recently received a well deserved invitation to participate with her art in this years Burning Man event.

Sundays event starts at 1 PM SLT at Solace Island (SLurl to the event)

The curators wish to make the general public (and especially all overly sensitive art lovers) aware of the fact that Ms SaveMe Oh is the exhibiting artist and also hosts tonight's event so they cannot ban her from the event today.

(As those who follow the art scene in SecondLife already know, my client the notorious Ms. SaveMe Oh is the most banned and kicked-out avatar in existence in SecondLife today, with the possible exception of my bosom buddy Mr. Apmel Goosson.) 

The curators recommend the honored guests to read and bear in mind the following three things before attending this adventure:

1. Dry Martini – “The Elixir of Quietude”
2. La primera anchoa cantábrica de 2012, en la XX edición de Eating Madrid
3. The Good Food, Glossary - Olive

This should be a lot of fun, I hope to see you all there!


  1. You even found the correct anchova link :)) CU tonight buddy! (if Kandi don´t ban me)

    1. Well Apmel, Kandi was kind enough to supply me with the correct link. She is after all an experienced event organizer. ;)

      If Kandi should try that, you just tell me and I will inform her that in case such a thing happens both I and my client Ms. Oh will leave immediately and boycott any future events that she may organize. But Kandi likes you so I don´t see this happening!

    2. Where were you when I needed you?

    3. Haha the wicked, wicked woman - don´t we just love her when she is being bad?

      I was most likely fast asleep Apmel, dear friend, I will speak to my client about this matter and we can hopefully arrange some compensation for your troubles. The woman is loaded, I can tell you! ;)


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