Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In The Winery

As I told you all yesterday, I forced myself on to my son and son in-law yesterday and demanded a grand tour of their new sim (which I hadn't visited before).

The two young men were very pleasant as always - although Guyke got a bit flustered and tensed when I blurted out - with my usual tact, "I hate the drapes! Did they come with the building?"

Janttu had probably previously indicated to Guyke in his usual shy way that the drapes perhaps were not the best choice. Janttu really should have learned by now that subtlety doesn´t always work on my son. You need to drop an anvil on his head and scream, shout and kick for him to notice any objections when he is that mood.

However, Guyke is not the one to sulk - not always - and this was a happy occasion. When they led me to the winery I was expecting to be served a glass - or two or three - of their own home-brew. Little did I know that they had a policy of "you get as much as you give" and made me work for the wine by pulling me into an open barrel to crush the grapes by stomping on them to produce more wine. (If you click the pictures above and then use the left and right arrow keys to move from one to the other you can watch me work myself into a very thirsty state.)

I go my wine and was then showed around the rest of the seem where they had done tremendous work in a very short time. Everything was either lovely and beautiful or darned scary (they have a weakness for Halloween and celebrate it all year long).


  1. Diana giggles and reaches out for Bock and hauls his cuteness over to the U.S. - those are skills we need! Lo and behold, 10 grapevines full of grapes in Diana & Hunter's backyard :) Diana points out first barrel and notes it has Bock's name engraved on the side :) It's all yours, babycakes. Get to stompin ! There is wine in them there grapes :) Big smooches!

  2. Who is going to lick those delicious feet and calves clean after you boys are done being silly in the grapes? ;-)

  3. Diana dear, I am an expert after yesterdays ordeal. You can have complete trust in my pinkies to crush the grapes in such a way that the wine will be amazing! ;)

    Ziggy, we were hoping you would help out? Are you telling me we cannot hope for that?


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