Monday, September 10, 2012

The Dreamboat

"The coolness that is Janttu"™
A man cannot turn his back to the world for a few weeks without finding that his son in-law has turned into a perfect dreamboat when he returns. Is that really fair?

Well, the picture shows you my son in-law Janttu Winkler in his latest hair. My son Guyke tells me he had to drag Janttu to the store and force him to buy the hair, because the man claimed "his old hair was only two years old"

Janttu should know by now that it is not easy to refuse Guyke and that Guyke has impeccable taste in everything - well,  except possibly drapes.

More about my visit with Guyke and his husband tomorrow, I am off to bed now.

American Heritage Dictionary 4: (drēmˈbōt) noun; A person considered exceptionally good-looking and sexually attractive.


  1. Glad you like everything that changed on the sim. Like the owners and... drapes :).

    ( Guyke: Doesn't it look boring now without the drapes?? Hello? )

    /me is Janttu.

    1. Haha I had to do it, because you didn't! That´s perfectly okay, I will be the villain and you can go on enjoying the fruits of my hard labor.

      The house looks spectacular now that we got the drapes down, don´t you think?

  2. OOOh he's gorgeous and all mine!

    Wait till you see him in the new outfit I'm making him from some spare drapes I have in my inventory now :P I'm a regular Maria!

    1. Yes he is, and you are well worth him!

      Actually I think if J was wearing an outfit made out of those drapes no one would notice how ugly they are... ;)

    2. Oh good! Because I was thinking of making you a special kilt for the holidays :P

    3. Haha read again, I wrote "J" as in Janttu not "I" as in myself... ;P

  3. LOL you got me there :) And damn! Now I spoiled the surprise :(

    1. Well my dear Guykechen, as you know well I can never get enough tartans so just surprise me with tht X-mas present anyway.

      By the time Christmas is here I will have forgotten this comment and will be completely thrilled for the amazing and fabulous gift ;)


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